Tune list

This list consists of tunes at least one of us is confident leading and most of us have followed along with before.

For the Irish traditional tunes (and several non-traditional, non-Irish tunes), TheSession.org is a good resource for ABC notation, as well as MIDI files and staff notation.

Not sure how to remember the rhythms of different time signatures? Try this discussion.

For everyone’s convenience, we have MuseScore files for the songs we’re working on as a group available on a shared (read only) Google DriveFeel free to download and edit those files for your own use.

MuseScore is a free, open-source score editing application for desktop. There are also two mobile apps:

  • MuseScore (Android only, free):allows you to browse and display music on MuseScore.com
  • MuseScore Songbook (Android and iPhone, paid): allows you to display and play back your own locally saved MuseScore files

Guitarists and players of other stringed instrument players may appreciate TuxGuitar (free, open source). This program allows you to create tabs for stringed instruments with different tunings, numbers of strings, and numbers of frets.

Practiced tunes

TuneSheet MusicVideo performanceVideo (Tutorial)
Video (Tutorial)
Tin Whistle
Video (Tutorial)
Britches full of stitches (Amaj polka)Google DriveHerman Overholdt Session, SwedenFiddleTin WhistleAccordion
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Edor slide)Google DriveFaolan, as video game musicFiddleHedMoonrise WhistlingLiberty Bellows
Sonny’s Mazurka (Dmaj mazurka)Google DriveDoneagal, 2012High D Whistle, Let Us TinWhistleJean Banwarth
Star of the County Down (Amin barndance)Google DriveFiddles, ukelele, guitar, cello
Paddy McFadden (Ador slide)Google Drive
Sheebeg Sheemore (Dmaj air/waltz)Google Drive,
Banish Misfortune (Dmix double jig)Google Drive,
Hamilton Ironworks (by John Hartford)Google DriveFiddle lesson
Ashokan Farewell (by Jay Ungar)Google Drive,Fiddles, banjo, guitar
Out on the Ocean (Gmaj jig)Google DriveFiddle lesson
Mairi’s Wedding (Gmaj)Sheet music with vocals, Video,Rankin Family with vocals

Fun Music Video,
Daisy Squires,

Different teacher, starts on A,
Tin Whistle Tabs,Accordion Duet
Denis Murphy’s Polka (Dmaj polka)Sheet Music with videoStreet Session,FiddleHed,
The Silver Spear (Dmaj reel)Google Drive
The Swallowtail (Edor jig)Google Drive
Maggie in the Woods (Gmaj polka)Google Drive
The Kesh (Gmaj jig)Google Drive
Maison de Glace (Dmaj jig)Google Drive
One Hundred Pipers (Dmaj jig)Google Drive

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