Play For Your Supper! Anniversary Session

May 19, 2018

Play For Your Supper, Wednesday June 27, 6pm -7pm :POTLUCK 7pm-9pm: Session.

To celebrate the fact we’ve been playing together for a year now, we’ll be doing things a little differently this session.

First, this will be an outdoor session to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. I declare a potluck picnic dinner between six and seven pm; we’ll have a covered tent(s) set up to provide shade and an obvious meeting point. If you have come out and play with us, you are welcome at the potluck. Please post if you have any allergies that we should be aware of, and clearly label your contributions with ingredients.

Second: A chance to show off!

I encourage everyone to pick a piece over the next few months, and really dig into it. Show off your solo for the group. This can be one of the songs we do on the regular, something a little different in genre, or something you with we’d do. Once you know what you’ll be treating us to, please post it on the facebook page below, so that we ensure some variety. Everyone who shows brave and struts their stuff will get a mystery prize fitting for the occasion.

Duets are also encouraged! This is opportunity to really work on your technique and/or showmanship. After we go round and listen to the solo’s, there will also be an opportunity to demonstrate any duet work you’ve been polishing.I am really enjoying playing music with you all as we learn, and this group has been a real highlight to my year. 

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