Music learning resources

These resources are either completely free or have a significantly useful free section. None of the listed sites have paid or requested to be listed here.

General Western music theory

  • Ableton: Learning music
    • A simple introduction to music theory that focuses on electronic music and basic differences between genres. Includes interactive tutorials.
  • Lightnote
    • An interactive site that describes how sound works, including some music theory
    • Focuses on traditional concepts of music theory with illustrated lessons, interactive exercises, and tools to help you analyze music
    • The classic version of the website is for older browsers that have trouble with the new site
  • Music Tech Teacher
    • Contains lessons and quizzes by Karen Garrett, a teacher of music technology and band at Green Acres Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama (U.S.A.). Interactive content requires Flash.
  • Teoria
    • Provides interactive, illustrated, and animated music theory and ear training tutorials. Also has a collection of articles analyzing music.
  • One Minute Music Lesson
    • A series of short video tutorials on music theory.
  • Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People
    • A set of one-page handouts or posters, each discussing a single concept in music theory in comic book style.
  • Music Theory for Songwriters
    • Focuses on teaching musical concepts in the context of how chord progressions fit together.

Ear training resources

  • Ear Beater (Web version requires Flash; iPad app available)

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