Pleasant Jams

definition: a slow session based in Vancouver, B.C, focused on Irish tunes, made up of Mount Pleasant neighbours and other interested musicians looking for a supportive environment to widen repertoire and play together.

Currently on hiatus, for the COVID pandemic.

Look for us again in Spring/early Summer 2021, once it’s warm enough to play outside, and the public health orders allow.

Keep practicing and Stay Safe, friends; hope to see you on the Zoom sessions until then.

3 thoughts on “Pleasant Jams

    1. Hi Tony,
      Unfortunately, we just started a year of travel, so they are not. If you are interested in Irish trad tho, there are several sessions going on around Granville island and also in Kitsilano. Open Door Music school has a slow session on Wednesdays during the school year, and Monday nights until it gets dark too early there is another one run in fairview. If you are looking for an immediate connection to the folk music groups in Vancouver, I recommend attending Catnap Session camp this weekend at Gambier island with Michael and Rosie – they can point you in the right direction and are lovely folks.

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